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1st Meeting PATRAS (09/12/2006 - 13/12/2006)
2nd Meeting PRAGUE (22 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2007)
1st pilot training course in Rovereto, Italy.
Pilot training course at IUFM (Marseille, FR) Implementation of a pilot course at IUFM with 15 teachers as trainees combining both face to face classes (30 teaching hours) and e-learning classes (duration 2 months, December 2007- January 2008). Reports for projects developed by trainees
Pilot training course at the University of Pitesti, Pitesti, Romania Implementation of a pilot course with 15 teachers as trainees (32 teaching hours)(duration 03.01.2008-31.01.2008). An e-class was used as an archive with the basic documents and resources for starting the course.
3rd Meeting MARSEILLE, FRANCE (8-12 March 2008)

International workshop "Teaching with robotics: didactic approaches and experiences" organised by the European Project TERECoP and hosted by the SIMPAR 2008 conference (Simulation, Modeling and Programming for Autonomous Robots), Nov. 3, 2008 in Venice .

Teacher Training Course on Educational Robotics: the TERECoP course in Greece, April May 2008, ASPETE, Athens

Teacher Training Course on Educational Robotics: the TERECoP course in Pamplona, Spain, Aprin - May 2008

4th Meeting Padova and Venice (3 - 6 Nov 2008)
Open day about educational robotics Nov. 07, 2008 in Venice.
Workshop for teachers on educational robotics will be organised by TERECoP in Syros Island / Greece (08-10 May, 2009)
5th meeting26-28 April 2009, UPNA, Pamplona, Spain
28 April 2009, TERECoP Open day on educational robotics in Pamplona, SpainAll the partners participated in the Open Day activities on educational robotics including special stands, demonstrations, competitions with robots, interviews, attendance of a lecture about experiences in Educational Robotics in Italian schools by Prof. Barbara Demo, University of Torino (Italy) followed by plenary discussion about the possible and current use of robots in schools. One group of school students from Greece and two groups from Italy were invited and participated with their teachers in the Open Day activities. Video Streaming
6th TERECoP Meeting, 19 - 23 Sept. 2009, Athens, GR - ASPETE, 22 Sept. 9.00 -13.00 Open discussion: lessons learnt from the TERECoP Project and new pathways into educational robotics across Europe - presentations from TERECoP partners and other invited participants

conference schedule

Introductory presentation, 3 years of joint work in educational robotics: the TERECoP project,    D. Alimisis, ASPETE, Project Coordinator

book of abstracts

Distinction for TERECoP in Campus Party Europe 2010 (Madrid, April 2010)
International Workshop  "Teaching robotics, teaching with robotics" hosted by SIMPAR 2010 Conference, Darmstadt, Germany,   Nov 2010
TERECoP will participate in Constructionism 2010 Conference, Paris, Aug 16-20