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The 2nd meeting of the European program "Teacher Education on Robotics-Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods-TERECOP 128959-CP-1-2006-1-GR- COMENIUS -C21". project TERECoP was held in Prague, (22-26 Sept 2007) organized by CUNI.

The participants were resepresentatives of all the institutions participating in the project: Dimitris Alimisis, Kyparissia Papanikolaou, Stassini Frangou (ASPETE, project coordinator), Borivoj Brdicka (CUNI), Silviu Ionita (UP-RO), Irene Pagello, Pretto Alberto (IT+R), Michele Moro, Emanuele Menegatti (DEI), Stefano Monfalcon (Museum Rovereto), Javier Arlegui and Alfredo Pina (UPNA), Liliane Aravecchia, Montel Luc (IUFM).

The following subjects were discussed on 24/09/2007 and 25/09/2007:

  • Current situation and the next steps according to the project workplan and the aims of the 2nd project meeting
  • Preparation of the progress report and the next internal report
  • Contents of training course curriculum of the training course and progress of work packages 5, 6, 7, 8 referring to the curriculum of the training course and its evaluation
  • Workshops based on lab activities included in work packages 6 and 7
  • Evaluation of the 1st year of the project
  • Structure of e-classes for trainees
  • Preparation of national training courses
  • Agreement on an action plan for the next months and the 3rd project meeting