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The 1st pilot TERECoP training course started in Rovereto (Italy) in October 2007 organised by The Town Museum of Rovereto, Italy, in cooperation with partners from Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova and from Public University of Navarre, Spain. During the course the training curriculum and materials produced in the frame of the project TERECoP by the whole partnership will be applied and tested for first time.

In the courses the trainees (teachers from local schools) are expected to learn to create robotics-based constructivist teaching activities and materials for their students. They will be encouraged to create and present joint projects regarding constructivist teaching activities planned to be implemented with school students, and to argue for their choices. From the beginning of the face to face course the teachers were invited as members in an e-class community and have access to e-learning materials.

The evaluation of the pilot courses (similar courses will start soon in other partner countries) will allow the TERECoP partnership to re-examine and revise the applied methodology, curriculum and training materials.