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The 3rd meeting of the European program "Teacher Education on Robotics-Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods-TERECOP was held in Marseille, France, from 8-12 March 2008 organized by IUFM.

Participants: Dimitris Alimisis (ASPETE, project coordinator), Daniel Tochacek (CUNI), Silviou Ionito (UP-RO), Irene Pagello (IT+R), Michele Moro (DEI), Nello Fava and Stefano Monfalcon (Museo Civico di Rovereto) Javier Arlegui and Alfredo Pina (UPNA), Liliane Aravecchia and Luc Montec (IUFM), Stassini Frangou (ASPETE).

Dimitris Alimisis presented the internal interim report of the project.

The issues discussed were:

  • Project Activities undertaken during the 1st half of the project eligible period
  • First results and concrete outcomes of the project Evaluation
  • recommendations and improvements for the progress of the project
  • Project Activities to be undertaken during the rest of the project duration
  • Expected future results and concrete outcomes of the project
  • Presentation and evaluation of the pilot training courses
  • Suggestions for future improvements
  • Preparation of the next training courses
  • Suggestions for new dissemination activities
  • Proposed calendar of activities
  • Proposed next important dates
  • Financial issues

Social events of the meeting