Proceedings of 4th International Workshop "Teaching Robotics & Teaching with Robotics" & 5th International Conference "Robotics in Education" (2014)

Dimitris Alimisis, Grzegorz Granosik, Michele Moro

Padova(Italy), July18, 2014

(included in the 13th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems - 2014 Workshops Proceedings, ISBN 978-88-95872-06-3)



Dimitris Alimisis, Grzegorz Granosik, Michele Moro


Full papers (Oral Presentations)

Robotics in physics education: fostering graphing abilities in kinematics

Dimitris Alimisis and George Boulougaris


Robotics Camps, Clubs, and Competitions: Results from a U.S. Robotics Project

Gwen Nugent, Bradley Barker, Neal Grandgenett, Greg Welch


Enabling Rapid Prototyping in K-12 Engineering Education with BotSpeak, a Universal Robotics Programming Language

Dorit Assaf


Robotics as a Learning Tool for Educational Transformation

Amy Eguchi


Testing in Robotics Student Teams - A Case Study about Failure and Motivation

Ina Schiering, Arne Hitzmann, Reinhard Gerndt


How to Support Students' Computational Thinking Skills in Educational Robotics Activities

Soumela Atmatzidou, Stavros Demetriadis


Visegrad Robotics Workshop - different ideas to teach and popularize robotics

Richard Balogh, Grzegorz Granosik, Valery Kasyanik, David Obdrzalek


Interactive Robotics Workshop

Igor Zubrycki and Grzegorz Granosik


When a Bee meets a Sunflower

Loredana Cacco, Michele Moro


A new educational tool for Bioloid Kit

Gonzalo Zabala, Ricardo Moran, Sebastián Blanco


Examining Influences on the Evolution of Design Ideas in a First-Year Robotics Project

Jessica Swenson, Ethan Danahy


An Integrated System to approach the Programming of Humanoid Robotics

Elisa Tosello, Roberto Bortoletto, Stefano Michieletto, Enrico Pagello, and Emanuele Menegatti


Evaluating the impact of robotics in education on pupils' skills and attitudes

Martin Kandlhofer and Gerald Steinbauer


The Herd of Educational Robotic Devices (HERD): Promoting Cooperation in Robotics Education

Andreas Bihlmaier, Michael Vollert, Heinz Wörn


Robotics for Teaching Creative Activities in Primary and Secondary Schools - a Case Study

Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, Pierre-François Gauthey, Denis Leuba, and John Didier


How We Did Introductory Lessons about Robot

Karolína Mayerová, Michaela Veselovská


Teaching Creative Classroom Robotics through the Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program

Jessica Scolnic, Jessica Swenson


Educational Robots and Computational Thinking

Dave Catlin and Dr. John Woollard


Education with micro-robots and innovation in education

Paola Mengoli and Margherita Russo


Short papers (Posters)

Experimenting and validating didactical activities in the third year of primary school enhanced by robotics technology

Paola Lo Savio, Valentina Scaldaferro, Alda Baldan, Emanuele Menegatti, Michele Moro


New Era for Educational Robotics: Replacing Teachers with a Robotic System to Teach Alphabet Writing

Heilo Altin, Alvo Aabloo, and Gholamreza Anbarjafari


Mendieta: low cost platform for educational robotics

Gonzalo Zabala, Ricardo Moran, Gabriel Pérez, Sebastián Blanco, Matías Teragni


Fundamentals of Robotics with MyModelRobot

Igor Zubrycki and Grzegorz Granosik


Adding Code and Robotics to Curriculum: An Introduction to the Programming and Robotics for Kids with Special Educational Needs (KSEN)

Daniel López-Cazorla and Martha-Ivón Cárdenas