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The overall aim of the project is to develop a framework for teacher education courses in order to enable teachers to implement the robotics-enhanced constructivist learning in school classrooms, and report experiences from the implementation of this framework. More specifically our objectives are:
  • To develop a methodology of innovative collaborative strategies supporting social constructivist teaching and learning, applied both in the teacher courses and in students' teaching and learning.
  • To select and organize a repertoire of appropriate robotics-based learning environments that can support robotic activities and produce a set of critical examples for using in a constructivist way with teachers of secondary level in science and technology subjects.
  • To test and evaluate the practical implementation of the selected tools both in training courses and in real classrooms situation (by the trainees).
  • To create a community of practice between educators and teachers for facilitating and sustaining teachers' professional development in using robotic tools to support their students' learning by active exploration and social construction of new knowledge.

    In the pre-mentioned frame of objectives key issues to be addressed during the project are:
  • The integration of technological, cognitive, pedagogical, and social aspects in order to design and develop learner-centered technology-enhanced learning environments with an emphasis on technology as a cognitive partner in learning.
  • The design of robotics-enhanced activities where learners learn with technology and accomplish cognitive tasks beyond their reach.