Papers related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

• Robotics in school

• Robotics curricula

• International trends in educational robotics

• Project-based learning and robotics

• Didactic approaches in educational robotics

• Exemplary robotics projects in classes

• Web-based robotics and simulation

• assessment and evaluation of robotics--enhanced class activities

• Integration of robotics in school science/informatics/technology curricula

• Integration of robotics in other subjects and school curricula

• Evaluation criteria and tools for measuring the impact of robotics on students’ learning

• Constructivism / Constructionism and robotics

• Teacher training in educational robotics

• Methodologies for teaching robotics

• Robotics competitions/contests and their educational impact

• Robotics through Edutainment / Museums / Personal robots and their educational value

• Web-based Robotics, Simulation, remote educational robotics

• Humanoid Robots in education